Survey Population Health Management

Survey Reveals Top Population Health Management Challenges

Population Health Management using health IT is one of the biggest goals for healthcare providers, in the current healthcare landscape.  A survey conducted by HIMSS Media on behalf of Royal Philips highlights how healthcare professionals are using connected health technology in the context of population health management.  The survey covering 105 leaders in healthcare IT shows that the majority of health systems seeking to improve patient outcomes have already implemented population health management systems. 

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Medical Billing and Coding

Medical Billing And and Coding Specialization

Medical Billing

All medical billing and coding professionals use standardized classification systems to code the patient’s medical and care history.  However, there are medical billing and coding professionals who specialize in specific areas of medicine and work as specialist coders and billers.  To become a specialist medical billing and coding professional,

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Reducing Medical Claim Denials

Tips On Reducing Medical Claim Denials

The ever-changing healthcare scenario is making it difficult for clinicians to manage their finances.  On one hand, the number of patients are increasing every day, while on the other, reimbursement by insurance companies for medical care provided is being reduced.  Rising expenses and tons of paperwork; compliance issues and fears of a malpractice suit – all these are creating pressures on healthcare providers to maintain their standards of care and service.

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Patient Engagement

Tips on Improving Patient Engagement through Health Information Technology

Since the beginning of time, communication has been the most important factor in human relationships.  In time, the way we communicate has evolved and today, technology plays a huge role in our communication with each other.  Communication between patients and providers is gaining importance in the healthcare industry.  Good communication with your patients will result in them following your advice,

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Health Information Technology

Information Technology – Backbone of Healthcare Delivery System

The New Year witnessed a happy and healthy resolution connected to the importance of health information technology, made by The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).  The center stated in its release, “We are working diligently to improve the means for information exchange and electronic data sharing across and among providers and health systems.” 

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Health Information Exchange

2016 Projected Trends in Health Information Exchange

The adoption and use of new technology is driving several new trends in the healthcare industry.  As the industry moves towards becoming more patient centric, interoperability and security measures are bound to progress at a steady pace.  One of the fastest moving trends, electronic health information exchange (HIE) will see an increased adoption by all providers along with a much greater interoperability between Federal and State agencies on one hand,

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Health Information Technology

Hospitals increase budgets for Health Technology

When Dr. Robert Schultz started his presentation to the Board of Directors of the hospital, he was not too confident on the outcome.  After all, as his Chief Financial Officer had pointed out, it was not easy to convince the Board to allow an increase of nearly 10 percent in their capital expenditure budget.  While it was true that the hospital was making large strides in population health management,

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