MIPS for Cardiologists

The new MACRA implementation has brought about nothing but chaos and confusion among medical practitioners, and more so for cardiovascular specialists. MIPS (Merit Based Incentive Payment System) is the new payment model that is geared towards a value-based payment rather than the existing service based model. This shift comes with a number of changes that a medical practitioner has to incorporate into his practice in order to ensure that the revenue is not amiss.

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CDC: Cardiologists and Neurologists Top Specialists in EHR Adoption

Electronic Health Records (EHR) effectively refers to the digitization of the patient’s information charts for archival and retrieval purposes in future. This digitized information is easy to access, even from remote locations, thus ensuring that the physician has accurate information about the patient’s medical history at his fingertips at all times.

The tactful benefits offered by digitization of patient records have pushed physicians to aggressively adopt EHR in their practices.

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