ICD-10 CodeAssist

Do you want to educate your coders and double their productivity for as little as $50 per month?

Look no further!  MedConverge’s ICD-10 CodeAssist is here to help.

MedConverge’s unique ICD-10 CodeAssist service can help providers and coders in your healthcare facility save time and increase their productivity.

Our ICD-10 CodeAssist provides you with 24×7 ICD-10 coding support services.  Your coders and providers can reach out to MedConverge’s multi-specialty and multi-facility proficient,certified ICD-10 coders via chat or email with all their clinical and payer-specific coding questions.  We can assist you with researching payer policies and coding coverage guidelines.

When you subscribe to our CodeAssist services, you will receive unlimited access to our ICD-10 Resource Hub as well.

Try MedConverge’s CodeAssist service now to put your healthcare facility on a fast track to successful ICD-10 transition.

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