Population Health Strategies

Population Health Management Strategies

The basic goal of population health management is to manage the health of a defined population optimally by providing the right intervention(s) to the right people at the right time. Well-designed population health tools when implemented thoroughly, benefits the patient, makes workflow easier for the provider and keeps costs low for health systems and payers.

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population Health Strategy

Basics of a Population Health Strategy

Broadly defined as the health outcome of specific groups of people, population health management is making significant strides due to the various integrated delivery systems which include hospital-based readmission prevention programs, patient-centered medical homes and accountable care organizations.

Increasingly being used to target high risk populations, the population health management approach exhibits a significant overlap with existing care management programs.

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Population Health Management

Benefits of Population Health Management

Although one of the often used terms in the healthcare industry; population health management is also one of the least understood.  The industry uses the term to cover everything from big data analytics projects to basic team-based care initiatives.  However, in order to implement the Triple Aim, healthcare organizations and professionals need to know and understand population health management.

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Population Health and Public Health

Key differences between Population Health and Public Health

Population health and public health are amongst the most popular buzzwords in the healthcare delivery sector today.  Although both the terms appear to sound and mean the same, they are definitely two different concepts in both their meaning and application.

Population health and public health equally value the community’s well being.  The primary task for both is examining health trends and evaluating causes of health conditions in the community. 

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Survey Population Health Management

Survey Reveals Top Population Health Management Challenges

Population Health Management using health IT is one of the biggest goals for healthcare providers, in the current healthcare landscape.  A survey conducted by HIMSS Media on behalf of Royal Philips highlights how healthcare professionals are using connected health technology in the context of population health management.  The survey covering 105 leaders in healthcare IT shows that the majority of health systems seeking to improve patient outcomes have already implemented population health management systems. 

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Health Information Technology

Hospitals increase budgets for Health Technology

When Dr. Robert Schultz started his presentation to the Board of Directors of the hospital, he was not too confident on the outcome.  After all, as his Chief Financial Officer had pointed out, it was not easy to convince the Board to allow an increase of nearly 10 percent in their capital expenditure budget.  While it was true that the hospital was making large strides in population health management,

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Population Health Management

Why is Population Health Management Important?

Population health management (PHM) is moving forward at a very rapid pace, due to the shift in healthcare priorities and related business models coupled with the ever increasing cost of healthcare and helped by the emergence and utilization of big data analytics.

Before we get to the issue of how population health management works,

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