hiring a medical coding company

Tips For Hiring A Medical Coding Company

In order to keep your practice afloat, it is imperative that your services receive full and timely reimbursements.  Getting your cash flow moving smoothly depends on accurate coding along with timely submission of your bills to the relevant insurance carriers.  Incorrect coding can lead to your reimbursements being delayed, denied or rejected.  If you have a small or specialty practice,

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Medicare Audits

3 Things You Need To Know About Medicare Audits

Healthcare facilities across the nation have or will have to face Medicare audits at some point.  Even those healthcare facilities that have done everything correctly and have never had to face an audit till date cannot be certain that it may not happen in the future.  An audit could be due to a single payment or a multitude of payments – in either case,

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EM Coding Errors

Common Evaluation And Management (E/M) Services Coding Errors

One of the recurring problems facing healthcare facilities is incorrect coding of Evaluation and Management (E/M) Services.  The recent CERT (Comprehensive Error Testing) claim review analyzed by WPS Medicare reveals that within the fifteen or more services reviewed in that sample, three E/M CPT codes had been coded incorrectly in at least 44% of the total bills raised. 

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Medical Billing And Patient Collection

8 Tips On Medical Billing And Patient Collections

One of the biggest challenges faced by healthcare practices and crucial to their very survival is medical billing and collections.  A healthy revenue cycle is important to sustain the process of making patients healthy.  Unfortunately, physicians are trained to manage human health rather than revenue health and this is where the challenges arise. 

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HHS Bill

HHS ‘A Bill You Can Understand’ Challenge

Most patients and their families find it very difficult to understand their medical billing documents.  Currently, there are no established standards for consumer medical billing documents and patients often receive multiple bills for the same episode of care, albeit varying in content and presentation, from different doctors, labs and hospitals.  This makes it very difficult for the patient and their families to tally the bills;

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MedConverge Balance Billing

8 Must-Knows for Balance Billing

Billing patients for outstanding balances after receiving the portion covered by the insurance company is known as balance billing.  This can happen if the insurance company gives less than the amount expected or if an episode of care is mistakenly believed to be in-network and hence expected to be covered by the insurance company.  Physicians who are not bound by the in-network rate agreements and are thus classified as out-of-network physicians,

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Clinical Documentation Improvement

Best Practices – Clinical Documentation Improvement

All healthcare facilities – irrespective of whether they are a business enterprise or a charitable institution – have to be financially viable in order to continue to provide services.  Clinical documentation improvement (CDI) programs have evolved from being an informal part of the process to becoming the backbone of the facilities financial viability.  

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Clinical Documentation Improvement

3 Steps To Creating Your Clinical Documentation Improvement Program

Improving clinical documentation leads to revenue gains and most healthcare facilities are now exploring this program.  The main reason for getting into this program is to improve your reimbursements and that will happen with improved documentation and coding.  However, it is important to set specific goals when putting together a Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) program for your facility.

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ICD-10- CM Code

ICD-10-CM Code (M62.84) for Sarcopenia Announced

Effective October 01, 2016, the code M62.84 will be used by the healthcare community for sarcopenia, thus recognizing it as a distinctly reportable condition.  The AIM (Aging in Motion Coalition) announced this ICD-10-C code, as established by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention).

What is Sarcopenia?

Defined as a combination of low muscle mass,

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Practice Revenue

Increase Your Medical Practice Revenue With These 15 Tips

Times are tough – reimbursements are declining and expenses increasing.  Keeping your practice viable in this environment requires being able to identify areas in your medical practice which are bleeding money and working out a strategy to stem the bleed.  While each practice will require a different strategy to boost its bottom line, here are some tips that all medical practices can follow.

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