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The dire need for Certified Professional Coders (CPC)

Medicine has transcended from being a profession that focuses solely on curing patients to multi-billion dollar commerce. Physicians and hospitals have been forced to amend their means of operation in order to accommodate the magnanimous paper work and related bureaucracy. Medical coding standards have steeply risen in complexity and size, thus risking overworking your current staff in billing and applying for claims and reimbursements. Medical coding is now a professional grade career and allowing under trained staff take care of it, is detrimental to one’s practice. This is where hiring the right CPC coding companies becomes a dire need for professional physicians in modern times.

What is CPC?

CPC stands for Certified Professional Coders, and it is a professional course, whose certification assures a fair degree of proficiency in various billing and coding parameters pertaining to medical diagnoses and treatments. CPC is widely recognized across the globe and has become an integral part of the health care industry in recent times. Certified professionals bear the grunt work of coding and preparing tedious paperwork, especially for insurance claims and other financial reimbursements for the health care facility.

Level of proficiency

CPC’s have to constantly prove their mettle by undertaking certification tests in all code sets including CPT, ICD-10-CM, HCPCS Level II, etc. One of their prime jobs is to keep up to date with the changing coding parameters and requirements, and incorporate these amendments into new bills. Strict adherence to these volatile coding practices is absolutely necessary in order to prevent your claims from getting rejected on a regular basis.

Having your claims rejected only increases work burden on your staff and they will have to go through the codes and bills once again and make appropriate changes that the insurance companies accept. This will also mean a delayed reimbursement thus putting your finances at a risk.

Getting through the tough AAAPC certification exams requires dedication and a specialized education. Like physicians, coders too can opt for an area of specialization, thus enabling them to offer expert services at all times.

What does a CPC do?

CPCs are experts in reviewing all your medical billing and assign the right codes based on the diagnoses, procedures and services offered to your patients in a health care facility. This act requires a degree of mastery over a wide range of services and medical procedures, which will enable the coders to accurately portray even the most unique and unconventional procedure/ diagnoses done by a physician. This also requires a fair understanding of the medical coding guidelines and billing regulations, which will make compliance and reimbursement claims easy.

Outsourcing your billing

Owing to the complexity of the billing practices, it is recommended that you hire a credible CPC coding company to take care of your billing and coding. This will achieve two factors- it will ensure that your billing is handled by professionals who are proficient at billing and medical coding, and it will leave and your medical staff to focus on taking care of your patients.

Medconverge – CPC Medical Coding Company

With years of experience in dealing with medical billing and its problems, our experienced team of Certified Professional Coders (CPC), Certified Coding Specialist (CCS) and medical billers ensure that we bill insurance companies and patients, quickly, efficiently and error free.  For more information on our billing services, write to us at or call us on (800) 898-0709.


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