medical transcription company

Choosing the Right Medical Transcription Company

Medical transcription is an integral aspect of a physician’s practice, which involves processing a physician’s dictations into written documents. These transcripts ought to adhere to a number of regulations and laws set by the HIPPA Act, thus resulting in a degree of uniformity across practices. Medical transcriptions have hence improved a lot since their inception,

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Certified Professional Coders

The dire need for Certified Professional Coders (CPC)

Medicine has transcended from being a profession that focuses solely on curing patients to multi-billion dollar commerce. Physicians and hospitals have been forced to amend their means of operation in order to accommodate the magnanimous paper work and related bureaucracy. Medical coding standards have steeply risen in complexity and size, thus risking overworking your current staff in billing and applying for claims and reimbursements.

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HCC Guidelines

The Importance of Adhering to HCC Guidelines

The Hierarchical Condition Categories (HCC) was developed and implemented by The Centers for Medicate and Medicaid (CMS) in order to create a risk adjustment methodology to provide adequate payment plans for patients opting for private health care. These codes are primarily based on the health expenditure risk profiles of the Medicare Advantage (MA) plan members;

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CCC coding

Are you prepared for CCC coding in 2017?

Dealing with medical bills is one of the leading concerns of physicians and health care professionals. Attempting to deal with such complex and ever changing medical billing and coding practices by themselves is a tedious process indeed. This measure is increased manifold when dealing with cardiology billing. This is a highly specific area of medical billing and requires specialized training and experience that helps maintain a fair degree of accuracy and reliability.

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