tips on physician credentialing

10 Tips on Physician Credentialing

Your credentialing process needs to start well in advance if you are planning to start your own practice or bring in new doctors to your existing practice. It is important to understand how credentialing can make a significant difference to the pace of your cash flows and how smooth your practice runs. Ignoring the credentialing process will result in delayed cash flows,

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key revenue cycle metrics

Are You Monitoring These Key Revenue Cycle Metrics?

Revenue cycle management throws up tons of data for tracking. However, not everything requires regular tracking and measuring. While it is important to look at all the data derived from the system periodically, it is very important to track and measure some key metrics regularly. Measuring the key metrics against the industry standard is a good way to determine where your processes require improvement.

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integrated care

JAMA: Integrated Care Improves Patient Outcomes & Reduces Costs

A worldwide trend in healthcare reforms and new organizational arrangements, integrated care (also known as comprehensive care, transmural care, co-ordinated care or seamless care) focuses on more integrated and co-ordinated forms of care provision.  According to the WHO, “Integrated care is a concept bringing together inputs, delivery, management and organization of services related to diagnosis,

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