pre planning in patient care

Pre-planning In Patient Care Can Save Your Practice Money

Physicians educate and train themselves to practice medicine and impart health care to the populace. However, a large part of their daily lives is spent tending to administrative tasks – something that they would rather not be doing given half a chance. With the constantly evolving medical regulatory and payment space, it is very difficult for physicians to escape from the requirements of administrative tasks.

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customer service top

Patients Top Complaint: Customer Service

Identifying keywords from about 35,000 Google+ reviews of physicians that were most commonly associated with the rating levels given, a marketing and public relations firm for specialty medical practices, conducted a study of patient complaints regarding physician offices. Published in the Journal of Medical Practice Management, the study reveals that the majority of patient complaints are about customer service at the physician’s office.

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Change Medical Billing Provider

Do you need to change your Medical Billing Company?

Healthcare practices typically outsource their billing for two reasons – lack of resources and/or lack of time. While outsourcing your billing has many advantages, there are certain factors that need to be checked before hiring a billing company. Remember that most outsourcing contracts generally last for two to three years and it would be detrimental to your practice if you choose a billing company that exhibits most of the following:

  • The billing company has no existing clients with the same specialty as yours.

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Prep Tips for MACRA

7 MACRA Preparation Tips

Replacing the much-maligned sustainable growth rate formula and in an effort to increase quality while bringing down costs, the Congress last year passed the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act (MACRA). While MACRA rules are still being finalized, it will essentially transform the way Medicare reimburses healthcare providers for services. The main purpose of this overhaul to the payment system is to improve the quality of healthcare that is provided to patients.

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