New Year Resolutions

New Year Resolutions for your Healthcare Business

As we come to the end of another year, it is good to look back and reflect on the highlights of the year – the good, bad and the ugly.  Understanding what could have been avoided; done in a better way and what was just perfect, is a great way to build on your new year resolutions.  Resolutions for your business are not just about setting goals for your practice, but also about selecting better and more efficient ways to implement them.  New Year resolutions for your business should encompass all the areas of your practice – be it patient interaction, staff development and welfare, upgrading services, improving finances, setting a better environment in the clinic or bringing in better technology.  There is no end to improvement; however, listed below are a few resolutions that we think would improve your business and help it move ahead.

Update that Business Plan

It is time to look back on your business plan and take stock of how your vision unfolded.  Did you achieve all that you had envisaged?  Are there any areas that need to be altered or discarded?  Will bringing in new technology or better equipment make that difference?  What more is required to achieve your goals?  Rework your marketing plan – after all, the world is changing every day and offering new avenues to reach out to people.  With the experience of your previous years of practice, what would you change in your business plan?  Think on all the targets that you achieved; those that you missed out on, and the ones you forgot about – and then rework your business plan for the coming year.

Get Everyone on Board

For a business to move forward, it is important that everyone is pushing it in the same direction.  Interaction between medical staff, administrative staff and patients should be clear, concise and honest – this will ensure that there are no misunderstandings or glitches in your practice.  Communication lines between you and your staff should be open to encourage suggestions, ideas or just brainstorming to make the practice better.

Analyze your Finances

Are you clued into all areas of your finances – collections, payments, taxes?  Resolve to understand and analyze your finances better in the coming year.  How can you improve collections?  What measures could you put in place to cut down on costs?  Are you over stocking supplies and hence blocking your cash?  Can you offer more methods for making payments to your patients – credit or debit cards, for example?  Would joining a short course on finance management improve your understanding of this crucial area of the business?  Can the accounting and billing methods be improved upon?

Improve your Clinic’s Environment

The first impression is the most important one – make sure that it is good.  Can you improve on the waiting room, making it more comfortable and relaxing?  Do your walls need a fresh coat of paint?  Are the magazines in the waiting room outdated?  Do children feel at ease in your clinic?  It is very easy to overlook these areas in your practice.  However, a little effort on making them better and patient friendly will certainly make a difference.

Take Advantage of Technology

Technological advances in the past few years have touched every sphere of our lives.  The key lies in understanding and utilizing these advances to our benefit.  Use social media to increase interaction between the clinic and its patients – that sounds like a good idea.  Keep them updated on the additions to your clinic and receive feedback from them on your services.  Have you updated your website?  Does it reflect what you want others to see about your practice?  Are there areas in your business that can be automated?  Is the software that you use updated with the latest enhancements?  What about your equipment – are there any major technological changes made and available?

Add Zest to your Practice 

Are you and your staff experiencing burnout?  Do you find that there are frequent mistakes made, due to overwork and tiredness?  Do you often find yourself or your staff irritable and unsmiling?  Resolve to change the way you and your staff work.  Automate your workflow with the right EHR, set aside time for a potluck or office lunch where everyone joins in, ensure a break from work every few hours to relax and rejuvenate, organize an office picnic or cookout – there are so many ways to avoid a burnout and build a sense of camaraderie between everyone in your practice.

Go ahead, think what would be best for your business, resolve to bring that into practice and enjoy the year ahead.  Wishing you a Very Happy and Successful New Year.

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